The photo story of Isla

This is the story, from the very beginning, of how we came to know Isla. It's taken me a while to be able to write this page, as I didn't want to relive the joy of this story, but I think I'm ready...

 The moment I realised a miracle was happening:

Then, just to make sure, I did some more tests (in fact, it was 6 in total!)

First scan at 5 weeks following some spotting:

Next scan at 7 weeks following even more spotting. Saw her heart beating at this scan!

Next scan at 9 weeks following, yes, more, spotting:

Then finally, we see her properly at a 12 week scan, which turned out to be 12 weeks 6 days:

Started a countdown in my own heartbeats to when I would meet her - I wonder how many it actually was?

Now, sadly, I don't have the 16 week photo I don't think, as it was on my phone which dropped into the toilet. Also on that phone were sound files of her heartbeat. :-(

But we did find out at 16 weeks that we were having a little girl and we were just elated!

Now for some bump photos of the whole journey...

Pushing it out!

Visiting the owls, who would feature in Isla's life quite a lot... well, stuffed and cute ones anyway!

Made some maternity trousers!

Some gorgeous little shoes I got for her - didn't buy tons of clothes and 'stuff' as we were moving house at some point (still haven't yet) but these shoes were part of a load of seconds I bought and they were just gorgeous, resting on my perfect bump!

Properly into the maternity clothes now:

Bought a moses basket about now. It was so lovely to see a baby bit in the flat:

We had a romantic night away in a hotel. This is the only picture of me - sadly, didn't get one of me looking pregnant and hot in a skimpy dress!

About a week before going into hospital:

Isla trying to tell me something was wrong:

An example of the teddy I made for Isla on the morning we went into the hospital to go into labour, knowing we'd already lost her:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little girl, with her own teddy, who stayed with her and is still with her now:

Her beautiful resting place:

Not where she should be at all. 

Wow, that was hard. Seeing the 6 months of amazing happiness and satisfaction in those photos is heartbreaking. 

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I came across your blog from Loss through the Looking Glass. On June 16th, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, whom we named Maya. I was about 5 weeks early. She died 9 hours after birth most likely from experiencing too much distress during labor. I have read all your posts and share many of your feelings of grief and sadness. I am thinking of you and your precious Isla.
    Sending love and support,