Thursday, 26 July 2012

So what happened? Brief summary...

Went to hospital about ten pm on Wednesday 11th July after getting worried about reduced movements and lack of weeing. Tried to listen to hb but nothing. Did scan and no hb. between Tuesday (when had mw appt and heard hb) and and wednesday our little girl died. 26 weeks that Thursday.

Our beautiful little girl Isla was born forever sleeping at 23.52 on Friday 13th July 2012. She weighed 2lb 1oz. 

Turned out I got severe and very early onset pre-eclampsia, had a placental abruption and that was nasty enough but the afterbirth was 300g heavier than she was so was huge, the biggest anyone there had ever seen (see later post for why this would be).

She was so beautiful and will be remembered forever. 

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