Thursday, 27 September 2012

First day off work today...

So today is my first day off work. Went to the docs on Tuesday and she signed me off until Nov 5th (start of term 2 at school) but wants to see me in the half term holidays (I'm away in Croatia actually, so can't!) to renew my sick note until Christmas/January. 
Feels strange but I know it's the right thing.
I had Isla on 13.7.12, the last week of the summer term. Her funeral was on 30.7.12 and then we went to France for a week. When we got back, we only had 3 weeks until school started again but I'd already told them I'd be going back in to teach my new class. 
Well, I lasted 4 weeks! It was so hard to be there. My brain just doesn't function properly yet. I have no confidence in myself and have such an awful class I'm constantly shouting and repeating myself, which is incredibly draining. At home, we're trying to move house (sale been going through 6 months now so is very tiring too!), have the follow-up consultation and PM results on Monday and my due date is the 18th October. All these things, I just need to get through. And this Friday is when I was due to stop working anyway for maternity leave. 
Am seeing my counsellors tonight and also going to a Big Noise choir I joined, so should be an evening of mixed emotions. 
Oh, and I also picked up my brand spankers Fiat 500 this afternoon! Photos later!

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  1. No rush. And take advice from people who want to help you heal. xxx