Saturday, 13 April 2013

Read on, if you dare!

So today is 9 months since our beautiful Isla was born sleeping. 9 months. The gestation of a full-term baby. And here we are 9 months later and pregnant with our little rainbow. 24 weeks and 6 days today. What follows now is a detailed account of my, shall we say, turbulent week!?

We're in Fuerteventura on holiday this week. We got here a week ago. Day 1 and I was poorly with diarrhea and sick in bed all day. Day 2 I managed to get out a bit more but no appetite at all. In fact, my stomach would turn completely when I looked at food. Day 3 much the same but a little brighter and the same on day 4, until the evening and I just felt so sick and lethargic. Also I had started getting acid reflux so bad I was having to vomit repeatedly. So we went to the doctor in town. She diagnosed an acute uti as well as borderline dehydration needing a drip. Very thankful not to need intravenus fluids but not too happy about requiring antibiotics for the uti or strong antacids for the reflux. But apparently all safe for baby.

We managed to get out for dinner while we were in town which was lovely. I managed to eat a bit more too! Baby has been very active most days which keeps me reassured that me being ill isn't harming her. I'm obsessed with her movements though and hate it when she's quiet for too long.

So day 5 was a fair bit better health-wise and started feeling stronger and eating better. Day 6, the Friday, I seemed almost full-strength. We went out to the old town that night and enjoyed a beautiful 3 course meal at a lovely little place. Came home feeling very, very full but happy. Then my old friend diarrhea hit again. Joy oh joy. Went to sleep hoping it was just a big dinner that had done it. Woke to a trapped nerve in my shoulder and, quite literally, explosive diarrhea. Seriously, just put me down now! This is day 7, the day we go home so the timing is not great. Breakfast was followed by more of the same. But now we've checked out of the room so are laid by the pool. I'm just hoping I don't need to frequent the public loos too much today!

So, that's my update. More bowel-related than baby loss but I'll tell you something... being ill with something that could cause complications is petrifying. A virus in me has killed one of my children and I am not going to be responsible for another baby dying. I'm focusing on getting lots of fluids in and checking for strong, regular movements. I'll see the doctor when I get back but until then, I'll just keep clenching and praying!

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