Saturday, 13 October 2012

Day 13 Capture Your Grief - Signs

I used to believe in 'signs'. I used to think seeing certain things was a 'sign' from God, or Dad or the cosmos that something was going to happen. 

When we got pregnant 3 days after deciding to give up on trying for a baby and accept our infertility, I took it as a sign that someone up there didn't want us to give up. Blimey, that was a great sign! We had never known such happiness. 

And then Isla died. 

So what is that a sign of? Are we being taught a lesson? Are we supposed to just accept that now? Did we do something wrong that we deserved this?

So now, the only signs I see are bad. 

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  1. You're also less able to cope with the more stressful things that happen, at the moment, so they seem even worse. In other circumstances you wouldn't have let six months go by on the house sale without hassling or doing something different, but other events took precedence. Your last car was damaged when it was quite new but that didn't take on the same significance as now because your life was different. You didn't read anything more than what it was; flipping annoying and bad luck. Etc. There are always things that happen like the car and the house and sometimes we can deal with it and sometimes it's just too much. Look for the positive stuff. You've found out how many people love you and care about you. That's huge! xxxxx