Thursday, 10 July 2014

Heart break...

Technically, there is no Timehop from today for two years ago. I know from vivid memory that is because I gave updates in the comments below the photo of my swollen feet. 

The 10th July in 2012 was the Tuesday. On that day, I had contacted the midwife upon advice regarding my swollen feet photo. I had an appointment that afternoon. Upon arriving home I wrote on the Babycentre forum how the appointment had gone. 
And how telling those words are. I knew something wasn't right but I was reassured by a medical professional. Despite since having an official apology for their actions that day, I still can't help but be heartbroken about the consequences of that flippant reassurance. And to feel like a whinger rather than a mother. 

Not only was Isla dying but the aches, pains and bloating were signs that I too was becoming very, very ill. 

Ouch, heart hurting now. 

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