Sunday, 27 July 2014

This weekend...

What an odd weekend. What a strange couple of weeks actually. My head's been a bit all over the place... 

Today we laid, finally, a memorial plaque for Isla. I had found a wood-carving sorta person locally, who had said he could do the plaque for a very decent price. And because mum and Iain are down this weekend, we figured it was a perfect time to lay it. And it was perfect. It looks perfect. So pleased with it! 

But mum and Iain are also down for Caleigh's birthday party. Which is tomorrow! I've been manically baking, sewing, cleaning, sorting, making lists, making lists of lists and generally flapping! However, I think it's coming together! Photos to follow!

But it makes for an odd sentiment, that this morning we laid a plaque for one daughter and this evening I decorated a cake for our other daughter. That messes with my head a little actually! 

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