Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fireworks.... for Isla!

So the fireworks championships were in Plymouth this week. I went tonight (day 2 of competition). It was blowing a real hooly and apparently the competitors had to change their displays so much that they weren't even being judged, it was just for the show. The first display was good, the second one was amazing and the final one seemed to stop short - in fact, I'm pretty sure they had some problems half way through!

Anyway, through the whole thing I just thought about Isla - and, of course, how last time I was on the Hoe I was pregnant. 

But I thought about how beautiful the fireworks were and how beautiful Isla was. 
How they made me smile and so did she. 
How they lit up the world like she did.
How they were lighting up Heaven, as is she. 
How they looked like stars in the sky, where Isla is. 

Display 1:


Display 2:

This bit was amazing - it filled the sky and they all fell beautifully to Earth...

This one with the 'weeping willows' was just stunning and really made me gasp!

Heading for his finale:

No photos of Display 3 as it was over so quickly but here's a video of the very end of  Display 2!

Just stunning and boy did it get a cheer from the crowd! 
(And a big whoa! from me!)

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