Sunday, 5 August 2012

France diary Day 4: Le grenit

She was going to be amazing. Beautiful. Clever. Funny. Just all round amazing. So beautiful already but taken from us so early. I miss her so much but so desperately want the chance to have gotten to know her. The depth of my sadness takes my breath away.

They say there is a reason,

They say that time will heal,
But neither time nor reason,
Will change the way I feel,
For no-one knows the heartache,
That lies behind our smiles,
No-one knows how many times,
We have broken down and cried,
We want to tell you something,
So there won't be any doubt,
You're so wonderful to think of,
But so hard to be without.


  1. Sara I am so very sorry for the loss of beautiful Isla. My son was born still in February. I understand the anger at your midwife as my doctor I feel could've done more as well. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Sweet dreams beautiful girl xxx