Tuesday, 7 August 2012

France diary Day 6: Le Grenit & Carnac

Today we finally had good sun! We sat out on the patio and read our books in sunshine. I now look like a lobster! Well a striped down the front lobster. I look a wally!

Then we packed and tidied and then drove to Carnac to get dinner. We thought the town was a bit poxy so nearly left but drove to look at the beaches and that's where it was all happening! Found a nice bar for some vino, some prawns and a burger. Yum!

Came home and packed the car and went to bed with a book ready for 4am start tomorrow!! Lovely!!

How am I feeling? Dan and I had a good chat. I told him about my anger and my worries and how I want to run away and change everything about my life cos this one ain't working in so many ways. He's worried I'll get depressed and do something silly to harm myself. I told him I feel insecure and unconfident in myself. I feel needy and clingy and reliant on him and others. I don't know what to do for the 3 weeks of summer left but then am dreading going back to work. Arghhhh!!

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