Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 14 - Family

Day 14 - Family 

My family currently consists of Dan, Caleigh, Fudge and I. Isla has a place in our hearts and if you look really closely you can see a smidgen of the pain of losing her etched on our faces. But as I have said before, Caleigh has brought these smiles back to our faces. And it is genuine happiness! We will tell Caleigh about her older sister and allow her to ask questions. Isla's little footprints will leave little marks on all our hearts forever.

Our extended family have also been amazing. I am making a scrapbook for Caleigh and the top part of the image shows the family tree I gave created in the book. There's a few people I need photos of yet but there's some pretty amazing people on there! 

Thank you to all our family members for helping us become strong and loving parents to our children. 


2012 Entry

Day 14 Capture Your Grief - Community

Well this is quite exciting. I wouldn't have had anything to put today really, although I have found the SANDs forums and Babycentre Pregnancy and Infant Loss forums very useful, as well as all the many baby loss blogs I have read and related to.

Until you're IN this community of people who have lost their children, you don't really realise it's there and it's huge. People now tell you about their own losses, recent or from years ago. But still there's a veil of secrecy around it, which is why this project is so good. It's okay to talk about these things, even though talking about a baby dying is one of the most painful things. 

I've recently found out that a number of people have 'unfriended' me or blocked my posts since I lost Isla. Not just since I started this project and posting every day, but since she died 3 months ago. Maybe they find my grief too much to confront. That's fine but I hope those that do read and respond in some way are finding ituseful / interesting / fascinating / sad / helpful / inspiring / memorable (delete as appropriate).

Anyway, aside from the huge community of bloggers and forum users, I am organising a community event alongside a friend of mine. We haven't any photos yet but as of yesterday we have a website, sponsorship forms, info pages and safety disclaimers! We are organising a commando-style assault course at Okehampton Camp in Devon in aid of Snowdrop Appeal in memory of Isla and Cure Rett, in celebration of 4 year old Holly who is battling Rett Syndrome. It's going to be such a great day out! 


See our fabulous new website for more details and downloads! My photo for today is our event poster:

Hopefully the first of many fundraising events!

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