Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day 19 - Support

Day 19 - Support

All our friends and family have been immensely supportive. We have had so many people chuffed to bits for us having Caleigh. And those same people supported us at the time of losing Isla and since. People get on with their lives quicker than we are able to, which is to be expected. But just having people remember her every now and then means so much. 

For me personally, my family have all been amazing. My mum talks of Isla lots and remembers her in gifts and letters, which is so amazing. Everyone has been great. My photo shows Dan and Fudge because they have been my everyday support. They are the ones I came home to and hugged. And still do, as well as Caleigh now too!

Thank you to all of you - you know who you are!! 

On a separate note, we went up to Isla's spot today and laid some flowers. Looked so beautiful up there. Some flowers that were put down on her birthday have taken root and look lovely too. What a special place we chose for her to rest. 


2012 Entry

Day 19 Capture Your Grief - Project

Brief post today as I'm off to the Brecons in a moment to climb a week mountain!

I'm doing 2 projects at the moment. Christmas fayres and the assault course challenge. Busy busy but loving it so far! All to raise money for the Snowdrop Appeal who are just amazing.

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