Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 26 - Community

Day 26 - Community

You don't even think of there being a 'community' of women who've all lost babies, until you need it. You need someone to turn to and ask questions, a safe place to vent and the truly understanding ear of someone who has already been exactly where you are. These women (occasionally men) know the road we travel all too well - some are further along it than others but everyone feels one another's pain. Gradually, from the first entry you put into a search engine - in my case, I was still at the hospital - you find the SANDS forum, where someone puts you in touch with a Facebook group called Angel Mummies. Once there, you might join the TTC group (Trying To Conceive) and then hopefully get to the Rainbow Mummies group once that positive test makes an appearance. 

This group became a lifeline for me, as these were women who had been through losses and were now pregnant again. And I tell you what, it's a whole different kettle of fish once you've experienced loss like that. Some were 30-odd weeks pregnant and others just beginning the journey. But at all times of day or night, they were there. No question, issue or problem was too big or too small. Sadly, some women had to return to Angel Mummies. Such tragedies united us in our grief for one another. Hopefully they would return to great elation. Though every new member was greatly celebrated. Once you have your baby in your arms, you also become part of the Rainbow Babies group - what a privileged group to be part of, again providing much needed advice and support - often now in the wee hours!

ALL of these groups have helped me through dark days, joyful days, difficult days and contented days. I hope I can give back to them and others in the same way I have benefited. 

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