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Day 4 - Legacy

Day 4 — Legacy

I created an image initially for this subject and then expanded upon it a bit really. This was my first image - 
So I believe the legacy of Isla lives through Caleigh. I don't know how on earth we got pregnant with Isla, having been told we probably wouldn't ever conceive naturally and donor eggs were our best bet. But somehow we did get pregnant. What joy! What excitement! What a miracle! 

To lose her meant that hope was lost and happiness could never be found again. And yet, that wee girl did something to me. She fixed me. She not only strengthened me in many ways, she literally fixed me. 3 months after losing Isla, we were pregnant again. Not one but two miracles, thanks to this precious girl. The photo shows just 5 of the 11 pregnancy tests I took over three weeks - just to be sure! 

So Isla's legacy is hope. She gave me back the ability to believe in what seemed impossible. 

I then expanded on that photo a little, to include more practical legacies. 

1. I am on a mini mission to inform people about parvovirus. I emailed all schools and nurseries in Plymouth with a heartfelt letter and a copy of the leaflet I have. A couple of schools got back to me and one now has an article about it on their website. A slow start but it's something. I also gave hundreds of leaflets to the antenatal clinic and children's centres. As a result of my complaint to the hospital about lack of testing, they are supposed to now test all pregnant women in high risk jobs for immunity to parvovirus. I know this is not always happening so I keep on at them, reminding them I won't just let this go!

2. The charity event a friend and I organised in December 2012 raised nearly £4000 for the Snowdrop Appeal at Derriford Hospital. I give my profits from craft fairs and sewing sales to Snowdrop. I nominated them as my choir's charity and we raised nearly £200 through our concerts. I am trying to think what event to do in 2013/14 in memory of Isla, so please send all suggestions my way!!

I think that's a pretty impressive legacy for such a tiny person! 


2012 Entry

Day 4 Capture Your Grief - Treasured Item

Wow. A difficult one again. My most treasured item is Isla's memory box - because it's FULL of treasured items, including the dress she wore in hospital, a little teddy the midwife gave me, the muslin cloth we wrapped her in and the wee hat she wore on her perfect little head.

Also in there are photos, her hospital bands, her hand and foot prints, a letter I wrote her and other bits and bobs we've been given or bought along the way. 

But it was so hard to choose one photo, so I spent some time creating a collage of perfect memories. I love this!

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