Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 2 - Identity

Day 2 — Identity

We chose the name Isla really early on in the pregnancy. In my opinion, it evolved from Lily (after my granny) through to Lyla through to Isla. Dan says it just came to us!! 
She would have had Bridget as her middle name, after Dan's mum, but we didn't feel it necessary to give her a middle name really. 

She was born sleeping at almost 27 weeks, on Friday 13th July 2012 at 23:52. She weighed 940 grams which is 2lb 1oz. 
She was amazing. I was immediately smitten with her. She was my daughter. Our daughter. She was a granddaughter, niece and great granddaughter. She is now a big sister. 

She was so strong, fighting the illness I gave her for weeks. She was determined. She was a miracle because she was conceived at all. She was the cure for our infertility. She was our first but not our last, despite my deep fears for months after. 

She was amazing. 
She is always in my heart. 


Day 2 2012
Last year the subject was Before Loss Self-Portrait on day 2. I think it's more relevant to see what I wrote on that exact day, rather than the subject of her name. I talk about her name on day 23. 

Day 2 - Capture your Grief - Before Loss Self-Portrait

Day 2 of Capture your Grief and it's time to dig out a Before Loss Self-Portrait. Now, I really don't have many, other than bump shots from when I was pregnant. I've put any I do have at the bottom of this post. The one I have submitted into the project is this one:

This was taken 2 days before we found out we had lost our miracle baby. I have no proper shots of me plus head as I was obsessed with chronicling my amazing growing body. I'm glad I can't see my face cos I don't think I'd recognise myself. A naive face, so utterly happy and excited that in 3 short months our very much wanted baby girl would arrive. Isla was born sleeping at exactly 26 weeks. I am jealous of the person in this picture as I can never be her again.

Other shots of me during pregnancy:
 14-15 weeks or so

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