Thursday, 31 October 2013

Day 31 - Sunset

Day 31 - Sunset

The sun sets on this project amidst controversy and sadness. The baby loss community has been shaken after this event was removed from Facebook for offending people. I am actually too upset to go into it all really. The wonderful lady who organises it, Carly-Marie Dudley, has been obviously distraught and is releasing a video later, which I will post a link to on my blog. I hope it continues in 2014 as I would love to see how life changes in another year's time! 

Thank you to those of you who have shared this project with me, supported me and made it feel even more purposeful. I hope some of you have learned something too - I have certainly learned more about myself, the baby loss community and my friends! 

I am afraid to say Caleigh and I slept through sunset tonight! How awful!! But some of my wonderful friends have sent photos of sunsets to me so I have made a montage of them instead - and what a beautiful image they create. 
I wondered whether I would stop blogging at the end of this project, but I think I'll keep it open - just in case I have more thoughts at any point in the future! 

2012 Entry

Day 31 Capture Your Grief - Sunset

So that's the end of baby loss awareness month. Though obviously not the end of our grief.

The weather here in Croatia was not good today so I prepared by taking a photo last night when the sky was beautiful.

I have found this project healing in a way. I have found it therapeutic to be able to share my grief with others. I apologise to those who have not shared in this experience and found it useful in some way. Thank you so much to those of you who have.

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