Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 22 - Words

Day 22 - Words

So many poems and verses have touched my heart over the last year. Song lyrics and passages on blogs will reduce me to tears. But the poem I have chosen today is one I wrote out and tied to Isla's tree just after her funeral. It just summed up my feelings then and even now. (Writer unknown)

2012 Entry

Day 22 Capture Your Grief - Place of Birth

Isla was born sleeping in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, almost exactly 48 hours after we were told she had died in me. 48 hours from that awful moment that the consultant looked at me and reached towards me. Since we screamed and cried and sobbed some more. Since my heart broke into a million pieces. Hence the mosaic of the maternity entrance placed upon a typical view of Plymouth. 

I am broken. My heart is in a million pieces. I will never be the same again. Fault lines run through me. They can be 'grouted' or repaired but you will still see them. Forever. Some people may think I am complete, but this is just not the case. I pray that one day I may feel whole again, have a purpose again and feel less pain every single day.

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